Animated new google logo

Google introduced today a new Logo, a month after restructuring the comapny under Alphabet. The new logo looks more playful and modern.

The colors are now softer and the logo looks a lot like the new parent company Alphabet. As you can see in the video below, Google logo has evolved a lot since 1998, in addition to changing up the wordmark, Google is also changing the “g” logo and its now an uppercase “G” with the four google colors.

The new design will be rolling out to all Google’s products soon, if you go to Google’s homepage right now you can see the animation that wipes out the old logo and draws in the new one.

Google New Logo Animation

In a blog post, Google discusses how much technology has changed how we interact with its products and with the internet at large. It doesn’t really settle on a specific reason that a redesign was needed, but it says that this logo should better reflect the reality that Google is no longer a site you visit on a desktop computer — it’s a huge collection of sites, apps, and services that you visit on PCs, Chromebooks, smartphones, and anywhere you can find a web browser.

Google Services new logo

You can also see the new Google “G” beginning to appear across its services. Among the more notable is Google+, which is now represented by a big colorless version of the new G.

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