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The First Computer Virus

by WP Administrator • May 29, 2014

A computer virus is typically defined as a malware program that replicates itself by inserting copies or modified copies of itself into other computer programs, data files, or boot sectors of hard drives. When this replication is successful the affected area is said to be infected. The term computer virus is also used in a more broad […]

Security Tip

by WP Administrator • May 29, 2014

you can check the strength of your passwords using tools like this

Mondays Fact

by WP Administrator • May 29, 2014

Microsoft Engineers wrote 45 million lines of code for Windows XP.

What is spyware

by WP Administrator • May 22, 2014

Spyware is a type of malicious software that is spread around on the internet. The term spyware is used to describe software that carries out certain behaviours or operations without obtaining user consent. Such behaviours include but are not limited to: advertising, personal information gathering, and even changing computer settings and configurations. Spyware can be […]

Security Fact

by WP Administrator • May 22, 2014

According to CBS news, the world’s most common password is 123456

5 Ways you can use Google Apps

by WP Administrator • May 16, 2014

Google has been  known to offer a wide variety of solutions that changes the way we go about using the internet. Google Apps have played a great role in this respect. Google Apps are known for being able to do a lot: e-mails, calendars, documents, cloud storage. However the fact remains that you many still […]

The Digital Firm

by WP Administrator • May 8, 2014

A digital firm is a company in which almost all significant business relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled or mediated. This means that all the procedures relating to core business processes are completed through the use of digital networks that cover the organisation as a whole. These networks also link the organisation […]

What is data exfiltration?

by WP Administrator • May 2, 2014

Data exfiltration is formally defined as the unauthorised transfer of sensitive information from a target’s system or network by an attacker to another location. Data is always moving around in network this makes it very hard to detect an exfiltration attack which makes it all the more serious and devastating. Such a transfer of data […]

Security Tip

by WP Administrator • May 2, 2014

use 2 factor authentication to be safe when accessing your e-mails or social media accounts on untrusted or public computers

Password Hardening

by WP Administrator • April 24, 2014

As computer processing power increases the security of traditional passwords decreases due to vulnerability to what is known as dictionary attacks or brute force attacks. These are attacks where an attacker computer puts together a set of passwords and tries them out until your account is compromised. To face this threat the concept of password […]