Leading information technology cloud services and outsourcing managed services provider with unparalleled knowledge and experience in Lebanon, KSA, Jordan and UAE.


How we work

Our experience covers the entire spectrum of indispensable IT services and projects.

A Blend of On-Site Presence & Remote Support

Our approach is based on regular visits from an EXEO support officer who is familiar with the client environment. The project based approach starts with diagnosis, followed by design, implementation, and delivery.

The managed services approach relies on best of breed software in order to remotely monitor and manage our clients infrastructure.

Change Management & Transformation Advisory

The road to the digital enterprise requires a change in the way of working to adapt to the modern tools. We have realized that and include change management services to ensure the success of every digitization project.

End-user training is a key element of the adoption of technology projects especially when it comes to cloud migration.

Agility & Velocity

We use the tools that we sell, hence we are able to respond very quickly and adapt to any business requirement, very focused on the business outcome.

Every customer request is tracked and follows a workflow and in the case of managed services, every alert triggers a request.

Trained & Qualified IT Officers

A team of trained IT support officers operates under the leadership of senior managers with extensive experience. A customer satisfaction rating system measures customer feedback and helps us verify our service delivery is in line with customer requirements.

What can EXEO do for your business?