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Cloud computing and consulting services for your business

Cloud computing and consulting services are selected by clients for many reasons. Most importantly, they contribute to kick-start projects in a fast and secure way. When correctly selected and integrated, Cloud Computing Services help organizations increase the velocity of their business by providing immediate performance, mobility and availability of services and applications for their clients and employees.

How do cloud computing services work?

Cloud computing services take many forms and some examples of cloud computing services are virtual machines (Infrastructure as a Service), databases (Platform as a Service) or CRM (Software as a service).

Each cloud computing services provider (like Google, Microsoft or AWS) has developed a services portfolio where he commits to a certain SLA usually defined in a Services Agreement. They have developed an infrastructure which they manage and secure 24x7x365. Depending on the cloud services solutions, some of the functions are insured by the cloud provider and others are at the responsibility of the client which can in turn be covered by the managed services team of Exeo.

As a result, clients get to run these cloud services without the need to build and operate them. 

Cloud computing services by Exeo

Exeo’s cloud services consultants work hand in hand in order to design and build the most adapted offering responding to the client’s needs. Our services include:

  1. Advising clients on selecting the most appropriate cloud service from the most adapted cloud services provider.
  2. Planning the migration of workloads to the cloud and the operation of a hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  3. Migrating their actual workloads to the cloud services provider(s) infrastructure.
  4. Adopting the technology and making sure that change management is effective in order to increase the usage and adoption of cloud services.
  5. Operating the infrastructure on behalf of clients.
  6. Continuous optimisation of their cloud environment by monitoring their workloads and invoices, then suggesting improvements in order to avoid Cloud Sprawl.


Femme 1
Help clients choose the right cloud environment and migration strategy: shift, re-architect, etc.


Femme 2
Build a plan for the cloud migration: Assessment, application sorting, migration strategy


Femme 3
Migrate the existing environment to the cloud(s)


Femme 4
Train the end users, the execs and the admins to maximize adoption of the technology and create impact


Femme 5
Operate the infrastructure to maximize return through continuous optimisation

5 Reasons why you should choose cloud computing and consulting services for your business

1. Speed

Cloud is the best option when it comes to starting up projects in the quickest way possible. Considering you have taken enough time to craft solid cloud services solutions, it takes very little time to provision and run infrastructure services or software in the cloud.

2. Availability

Cloud services subscribed with hyperscale cloud computing services providers, run in state of the art data centers on a fully redundant infrastructure, with service level agreements north of 99.9% based on the service selected. Furthermore, it is also relatively easy to provision active/active or active/standby copies for each cloud resource with zone or region redundancies, hence helping clients achieve more than 99.99% of availability.

3. Transparency

Cloud computing services and solutions are all provisioned and configured automatically and billed by usage, beyond the obvious manageability advantage. This also provides transparency to clients and accurate reporting on the usage and billing of services. Clients are able to know what they are consuming in the most precise way and hence continuously adapt and optimise their infrastructure.

4. Mobility

Often seen as the #1 advantage of cloud, mobility is also a main driver of cloud computing migration. By deploying centrally managed cloud services from locations which are connected to tier 1 Internet Services Providers, cloud services empower user mobility and adoption of services through the Internet.

5. Security

There is a misconception that cloud services are unsecure. The reality is much different, cloud services are running on ultra secure infrastructure inside data centers with military grade physical security. Threats originate from the configuration of the client side parameters. For that reason, when clients are seconded by cloud services consultants like Exeo, they can manage to close the gap and efficiently utilise security services in order to protect their infrastructure and detect possible threats.


Advise Plan Migrate Adopt Manage & Optimize

After assisting you in selecting the type of Cloud (SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, etc) suitable to your business needs, EXEO will design, plan and perform a gradual and smooth migration, onboard and train your users, and adapt all your backend integrations to the new cloud environment. This is called Cloud Adoption.

At last but not least and as an option, the EXEO team can manage your workload on the new environment.

That’s the cloud journey, we can help you take. And like every journey, it’s about the experience as much as it’s about the end objective.

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Container Platforms and DevOps

Outsource your DevOps automation to Exeo, wether it is running in the public cloud, on-premise or on both. We can help you build, manage and optimise your DevOps infrastructure through DevOps managed services.

Which Cloud Migration Strategy is right for you?

Obviously, there is no one way of doing this and each business has a strategy that will fit its needs. Hence the importance of early engagement and  properly crafting  the roadmap of the journey to the cloud.

Lift & Shift

This strategy involves moving existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud without making any significant changes. It’s a simple and straightforward approach that can be used to quickly move an application to the cloud. This often means transferring Virtual Machines (VMs) as is without utilizing any Cloud Native service. It is the simplest method for migration, but it’s also the most costly method to operate.


Re-platforming involves making changes to the application architecture or infrastructure to take advantage of cloud-native features and services like PAAS.

This can be transferring a database to an as-a-service model,  the use of containers for some apps or the use of network/security functions as a service. 

This approach improves the scalability, availability, and performance of the application, but it requires more effort and planning than lift and shift.


Re-hosting is also known as “cloud-native” or “cloud-optimized” migration. This approach involves rewriting the application to take full advantage of the cloud provider’s services and features.

This strategy allows you to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud and optimize your application for the cloud environment, but it can be more time-consuming and requires a significant development effort.

And if you have already done a migration, make sure that your environment is correctly secured. You can consult our Cloud Security Hardening service.

Cloud Computing Services - Portfolio

We help our clients achieve business continuity & cost optimisation by moving to the cloud and operating their environments. More information about our Cloud Migration Services can be found here: Cloud Migration Services, or one of these articles specific on Google Cloud Platform Migration Services, AWS Migration Services or Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Services.

Move To Cloud

Professional services meant to simplify the complexity of cloud migrations and integrations for organisations willing to move their digital services to the cloud.

Continuous monitoring and operations of cloud workloads including administration and optimisation of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

Advisory, building and operation of DevOps environment with AKS, GKE or Amazon ECS. Our service covers the cloud environment and the automation of the application lifecycle in the cloud.

Cloud Solutions

A certified Cloud expertise covering a large spectrum of cloud technology providers.

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Cloud Platforms

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Application Virtualization

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery


Run From the Cloud, but Run Securely

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