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Migrate and run IT workloads simply and securely on any cloud!


Femme 1

Help clients choose the right cloud infrastructure or shift, re-architect, etc.


Femme 2

Craft a plan for the migration: Assesment, app sorting, etc.


Femme 3

Migrate the existing environment to the online digital environment


Femme 4

Train the end users, the execs and the admins to maximize adoption of the technology and create impact


Femme 5

Operate the infrastructure to maximize return

Cloud Services - Cloud journey

Advise Plan Migrate Adopt Manage & Optimize

First you have to decide what to move to the cloud and to which form of cloud (SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, etc.), then you will have to gradually plan the migration, but wait that’s not over, you would need to train your end users and adapt all of your backend integrations to the new environment. That’s called Adoption.
Finally, you would need to manage  this workload in the new environment its running in.

That’s the cloud journey, we can help you take. And like every journey, it’s about the experience as much as it’s about the end objective.

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Cloud Services -
Container Platforms and DevOps

Which Cloud Migration Strategy is right for you?

Obviously, there is no one way of doing this and each business has a strategy that will fit its needs. Hence the importance of early engagement and  properly crafting  the roadmap of the journey to the cloud.




And if you have already done a migration, make sure that your environment is correctly secured. You can consult our Cloud Security Hardening service.

Cloud Services - Porfolio

In order to implement an Agile IT practice you need to depend on Agile technologies that are able to scale based on the workloads and needs.


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Cloud Platform

Google Cloud
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App Virtualization

Managed Backup & DR

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DevOps & Kubernetes Infrastructure

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Run From the Cloud, but Run Securely

Cloud Security 100%
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What can EXEO do for your business?

We believe that digitisation is not an end by itself, but a mean to get to a more productive and efficient business operation that supports every organisation’s objectives.

Re-Host (Lift & Shift)

the migration of workloads from  to the cloud without changing the architecture. Machines get to keep their  OS and apps. This is the quickest and easy way to migrate, but since its  utilising IAAS, its is also the most expensive on the long term.


This method utilizes the power of  PAAS services, like transferring a database to an as-a-service model,  the use of containers for some apps or the use of network/security functions as a service. Greater scalability and lower cost of operation is achieved.


This methodology requires the most effort to implement but it results in the most optimised recurring cost and will provide the best scalability for apps. This involves re-adapting the code of applications and the heavy use of SAAS solutions in order to replace existing hosted applications.

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