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Exeo’s Managed Security Security Service is delivered by a Managed  Security Operations Center (SOC) which is  also called SOC as a service -Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS).

This service makes it possible for clients to onboard an on-demand team of security specialists in order  to identify, secure, monitor and and respond to incidents in an effective manner and prevent cyber attacks. It also avoids clients the hassle and complexity of building this expertise in house  while relying on a trusted, recognised and certified managed security services provider like Exeo.

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)  like Exeo  therefore uses a combination of technology, processes and expertise mobilized for a defined objective. The scope and pricing of this mission is defined by device  or by protected user.

The client therefore builds this capability overnight and adopts  it in a managed way. Clients also benefit from an immediate availability of state of the art protection, detection & response technology delivered by advanced security engineers operating 24/7 to secure their business, users, data and apps.


Identity & Access Management

It all starts with the identity which must be harmonious and propagated to all environments: on-premises, hosted or cloud. We support our clients in the development of a unified and access control strategy to all their essential resources.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

Risk Management

Clearly identify all the managed assets, continuously assess their risk level by setting a score and try to reduce it. Vulnerability management will also help reduce the risks of those assets.


Strengthening the security of workstations and servers by detecting and stopping attacks through Managed Detection & Response (EDR / MDR).

Detection and response

Early detect security incidents through advanced analysis and monitoring using technologies such as SIEM (Security information and event management) or UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)

Service Protection

Protect internet corporate services like email or client facing services like web apps, mobile apps or APIs.

Expertise & Compliance

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in cybersecurity. Being compliant, we also help organizations meet regulatory requirements and adhere to industry standards.

Proactive Approach

Managed security services use a proactive approach to security, anticipating and mitigating potential threats before they can cause damage.


Cloud & Infrastructure Hardening

In order to minimize the surface of attacks, it is important to harden infrastructure and cloud resource configurations. Our services include a hardening of the security of the managed infrastructures.

For more information on this service, see this page.

Security Hardening


Managed Email Protection

Email is today the vector of choice for malware and ransomware, the first step we take towards our customers is to secure their email channels and eliminate the threat by protecting this channel with advanced technologies.

More details here our managed email security services.

Email Secure
Cloudflare HTTPS WAF update


Managed WAAP - Web Application & API Protection

Phishing attacks frequently target vulnerable websites in order to plant pages which will be used in attack scenarios. We help clients secure their web applications, mobile applications and APIs against intruders.

Since more and more clients use APIs to transact as much as web apps, Web Application & API Protection (WAAP) has become an evolution of Web Application Firewall (WAF).

It also includes the advisory services Exeo provides to the developers in order to tune the configuration and setup of their web app environment.

More details in the following page on our managed WAF service.


Managed Firewall and SD-WAN

We also provide a managed security framework by teaming up with Arista Edge Threat Management (previously Untangle) to provide a managed firewall and managed SD-WAN.

Arista Edge Threat Management
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Our Security Operations Center (SOC) implements detection and response services based on the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)  methodology. This is our SOCaaS (SOC as a service) or managed SOC service.

The services provided by our SOC are:

  • Risk analysis;
    Protection of systems and maintenance in optimized condition;
  • Incident detection;
  • Attack Isolation;
  • Response to incidents remotely or on site;
  • Recovery of the initial configuration;
    Securing and hardening of the installation;

More details on our managed soc service can be found in this page.

MDR Platforms

Windows, Mac and Linux platforms are supported and pricing is per device per month.

Managed Detection & Response MDR

Read more on on MDR service here.


Managed SOC: Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MDR)

Exeo is a cybersecurity company and specifically a managed security services provider that uses EDR and XDR solutions to secure workstations, servers and Cloud environments. This service is provided as part of its managed SOC and includes the service and software suite.

Exeo monitors the security of cloud, servers and on-premises endpoints by detecting threats and reacting to them immediately.

Managed detection and response services start with endpoint detection and response (EDR), data from this platform is supplemented with data with telemetry from network, identity, cloud (XDR) and other sources to produce high-fidelity detections, conduct investigations, provide remote incident response support, enable security automation, and launch threat hunts to identify adversaries.


Managed SOC: Managed SIEM

From our SOC we leverage the power of our analysis and threat detection software to monitor our customers’ resources 24x7x365.

Additionally, we use advanced techniques such as User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to categorize and remediate user risk.

Within our managed SOC service (SOCaaS), the Managed SIEM service is optionally integrated with the Managed Detection & Response and Vulnerability Management service.

elastic SIEM dashboard

How is EXEO different from other Managed Security Service providers?

Exeo understands that outsourcing managed security services is a critical decision made by clients, for that reason it has built an offering which makes it uniquely positioned to service its clients.

1.Certification and Accreditation

The managed security service  SOC is made up of cybersecurity specialists trained in incident detection and response. Three types of specialists are part of a SOC:

  • Analysts will triage events and escalate potential incidents that require advanced investigation;
  • The specialists examine you on the identified incidents and initiate the response process;
  • The experts will intervene on advanced incidents and perform cyber forensics when necessary.

Furthermore, as a managed security service provider (MSSP) Exeo is certified with the following standards: ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27701, SOC2 Type 2 and Expert Cyber. These certifications make Exeo one of the top cybersecurity services companies.

2.Transparency and Accountability

The managed it security services operate in full transparency and clients get access to the cybersecurity management tools that the Exeo Security Operations Center uses in order to detect and respond to threats. Secure access is created for selected Client personnel that has the capability to access the Cybersecurity platforms used by Exeo.

3.Advanced Technology Capability

The Security Operations Center is trained and manages workloads located in multi-cloud environments for clients around the world. Thousands of users and resources are currently monitored and protected including resources located on premise, in Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Hence, it is up to date with the latest technology environments, it is using latest generation tools from the top cybersecurity providers and is capable of securing new generations of IT workloads and detecting threats in non-usual infrastructures. Exeo is a managed security service provider which is capable of assessing vulnerabilities in cloud environments while at the same time hardening and remediating to those vulnerabilities.


Vulnerability Management

Continuous vulnerability detection and risk assessment of our customers’ critical assets helps us prevent attacks and keep them secure.

In addition, this vulnerability management is integrated with our Managed SIEM service in order to better control the scope of potential threats.

Security Operations Center - Managed SOC FAQ

Computer security is a multi-step process.
To prevent ransomware, the most important thing is to implement a next-generation security agent (EDR – Endpoint Detection & Response, XDR – Extended Detection & Response) on workstations and servers, capable of detecting malicious behavior. But it is above all essential to combine this technique with a detection and response service (MDR, Managed Detection & Response) consisting of experts capable of responding to incidents and countering all types of attacks.

Microsoft 365 filters aren’t 100% effective.

Even Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 misses a fair number of threats. It is recommended to implement additional security to Microsoft 365 security with an email security service.

This service will make it possible to detect and prevent attacks such as ransomware, identity theft (impersonation) or cyber fraud.

Once a web or mobile application is published, everyone has access to it.
However, the risks are numerous, they can come from the programming platform, the servers or the quality of the code. A Web application Firewall (WAF) will intercept all requests intended for the application and inspect them to filter out malicious requests.
In addition, a Web application Firewall (WAF) will also allow us to apply effective and fast rules to pages based on different criteria such as user geolocation.
Cloudflare is a recommended solution because it couples security with the CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will speed up service to users and relieve congestion on the application’s servers.

A Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) is also called SOCaaS Security Operations Center as a Service. SOC as a service.
This service makes it possible to recruit a team of security specialists like that of Exeo to monitor, detect incidents and respond to them in an effective manner by stopping cyber attacks.
The Managed SOC (SOCaaS) therefore consists of a combination of technology, processes and expertise recruited for a defined objective, the scope of which is defined by position or by protected user.

The client therefore avoids building this capability and recruits it in a managed way.

The following services are usually part of the Managed SOC:

  • Identifying managed assets and managing their risks;
  • Strengthening the security of workstations and servers by detecting and stopping attacks through Managed Detection & Response (EDR / MDR);
  • Vulnerability Management: continuous monitoring of the fleet and the level of vulnerability of software and configurations;
  • Web and dark web tracking to monitor activities relating to the managed park;
  • Detection and response to security incidents through advanced analysis and monitoring of infrastructure and users using technologies such as SIEM (Security information and event management) or UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics).

The cybersecurity specialists of the Exeo managed SOC are located in Paris – France, Beirut – Lebanon and Dubai – UAE.

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This methodology requires the most effort to implement but it results in the most optimised recurring cost and will provide the best scalability for apps. This involves re-adapting the code of applications and the heavy use of SAAS solutions in order to replace existing hosted applications.


This method utilizes the power of  PAAS services, like transferring a database to an as-a-service model,  the use of containers for some apps or the use of network/security functions as a service. Greater scalability and lower cost of operation is achieved.

Re-Host (Lift & Shift)

the migration of workloads from  to the cloud without changing the architecture. Machines get to keep their  OS and apps. This is the quickest and easy way to migrate, but since its  utilising IAAS, its is also the most expensive on the long term.