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What are managed cloud services and what are they used for?

Managed cloud services are a set of services provided by a cloud managed services provider that help organizations to manage their cloud environment. These services include ongoing monitoring, security, cost management, and other tasks that are necessary for successful operations.

Managed cloud services are used to help organizations to optimize performance, security, and compliance. A cloud managed services provider like EXEO provides ongoing monitoring and management to ensure that resources are being used efficiently and that issues are identified and addressed quickly.

Hybrid managed cloud services by Exeo provide organizations on-premise and in cloud resource management as if they were in a single environment. 

Managed cloud services providers deliver DevOps consulting, which helps organizations improve their software development and delivery process.

In a nutshell, managed cloud services are a comprehensive set of services that assist organizations in managing and optimizing their cloud environment. Organizations are able to focus on their core operations while Exeo manages the technical aspects.

The top 3 benefits of using cloud managed services

1. Increased Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your cloud environment by ensuring continuous monitoring, security, and cost management. This can help to optimize performance, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with best practices.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

A provider can help you quickly and easily scale up or down your resources as needed, allowing you to adapt to changing business needs.

3. Improved Security and Compliance

By partnering with a provider, organizations can rely on their expertise to ensure their cloud environment is secure and meets all compliance requirements. Additionally, providers can offer DevOps consulting and services, which can enhance the agility and efficiency of the organization’s development processes.

How can you tell if cloud managed services are the right choice for your business?

To determine if it is the right choice for your business, consider the following five (5) factors::

  1. Complexity: If your cloud environment is complex and requires ongoing monitoring and management.
  2. Security and Compliance: If your organization needs to meet strict security and compliance requirements.
  3. Scale: If your organization needs to quickly and easily scale up or down your resources.
  4. Cost: If your organization wants to optimize costs and reduce the expense of managing the cloud environment.
  5. Software Development and Delivery: If your organization wants to improve its software development and delivery process.

Hybrid cloud management services

Hybrid cloud managed services are specifically tailored to assist organizations in efficiently managing and optimizing their utilization of both public and private cloud resources. Such services may encompass a broad range of functionalities, such as resource provisioning and scalability, infrastructure monitoring and administration, security and compliance management, as well as cost optimization. Some popular hybrid cloud management services include AWS Outposts, Azure Arc, and Google Anthos. They allow organizations to use the same tools and technologies across their on-premises data centers and public clouds, making it easier to manage and secure their entire IT environment. Overall, hybrid cloud management services help organizations to get the most out of their cloud investments and deliver greater business value.

Key tools and processes of our cloud management services

We utilize a variety of key tools and processes to ensure that our clients’ cloud environments are optimized for performance, security, and cost. Some of the key tools and processes that we use include:

  1. Orchestration and automation: to provision, configure and manage resources, and automate routine tasks.
  2. Monitoring and management: to track and manage the performance, availability, and security of cloud resources.
  3. Security and compliance: to ensure that our clients’ cloud environments are secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations.
  4. Cost management: to track and optimize cloud costs and identify opportunities for cost savings.
  5. Migration: to help our clients move their applications and data to the cloud.
  6. Governance: to establish policies, standards, and procedures for managing cloud resources.

By using these tools and processes, our managed cloud services help organizations to get the most out of their investments, improve their IT operations, and reduce the risk of cloud-related incidents.

Why do you choose EXEO as your managed cloud service provider?

Expertise and Experience

Exeo’s team of experts has a proven track record of delivering high-quality managed cloud services, and has the expertise and experience to help organizations optimize their use of cloud resources.

Strong and responsive customer support

Exeo has a dedicated and responsive customer support team, which can quickly and effectively address any issues or concerns that may arise.

Comprehensive service offering

Exeo offers a wide range of services including migration, monitoring, security, compliance, cost management, and more. Additionally, Exeo services may be able to work across multiple cloud providers, giving more option to the client.

Competitive Pricing

Exeo’s services are competitively priced on usage only and offer good value for money.

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