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Manage all your contacts, deals, emails, files, and more in one place.
Copper CRM

Copper CRM - Never leave your inbox.

Add leads, update deals, look up past interactions, create Google Calendar events, and follow up on tasks—right from your Gmail inbox.

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Join 10,000+ successful small businesses and teams.

Copper helps businesses grow one relationship at a time.

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All your customer data in one place

Meet your simple and intuitive Copper CRM.

Your whole team will be in the loop about every touchpoint for any prospect, customer, interaction, and deal.

Never miss an opportunity again with Copper CRM

With custom pipelines and dashboards, you’ll always know the numbers you have to hit and how to get there.

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Copper CRM can solve thousands of your problems.

Say goodbye to manually adding contact details and other little tasks that waste huge amounts of time.


Designed for the way you work.

We finally have a one stop shop for managing all of our relationships that integrates seamlessly with G Suite.


Seamless integration with every Google Workspace (ex G Suite) app.


Google Calendar

Never miss another meeting. Any meetings with your contacts are automatically recorded and synced. Bonus: contacts can book you directly from your calendar.


Google Slides

Customize your slide decks in seconds with Copper’s Slides integration. Populate your decks with key data in just a few clicks.


Hangouts Chat

Copper’s Hangouts Chat integration notifies you about important changes and updates to leads, opportunities, and more.


Gmail Contacts

Gmail Contacts Copper suggests new leads (and updates to old ones) based on your email conversations—and sends notifications right to your inbox too so that nothing slips through the cracks.


Google Docs

Google Docs Working together has never been easier. Just attach a Google Doc to any lead, account, or opportunity in Copper.


Google Sheets

Export any data from Copper directly to Google Sheets to create advanced dashboards, reports, and charts—that your team will actually use.

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Data Studio

Now, the whole team can easily make data-driven decisions. Connect Copper and Google’s Data Studio to clearly visualize and analyze data from multiple sources.

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Data Enrichment

No more digging around online. Copper automatically finds and updates contact details for you including phone numbers, social media profiles, and company descriptions.

Copper CRM FAQ

A customer relationship management platform, better known as a CRM, is a cloud-based software tool that helps organizations track customers, prospects, and other stakeholders and their interactions with your business. Your team can access this data to better understand your relationship with different people and companies. CRM software offers a more comprehensive and customizable way to manage customer data beyond a spreadsheet or database. As an automated system, it constantly updates itself based on your ongoing business interactions and communications.

Copper is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed for businesses using Google Workspace. The flexible CRM was designed to be easy to launch and use, whether it’s your first time using the CRM or you’re an expert. Relationship-focused organizations love Copper because it’s customizable to their unique sales journeys and customers.

Copper’s CRM software solutions are designed for Google Workspace users and do not integrate with Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft 365. If you are a Microsoft 365 user we recommend you adopt Dynamics 365.

Copper is a Google Partner, a Recommended App for Google Workspace, and a Google Supported Company. Its native Google Workspace integration is designed around ease of use for our customers. Behind the scenes, Copper integrates with Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Drive, and Google Calendar to sync sent emails, files, and calendar invites between your customers/prospects and your team. From there, the Copper Chrome extension adds additional productivity tools right into your Gmail and Google Calendar, so you never have to switch tabs. Copper also integrates with Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Google Forms, and Google Chat for even more seamless workflows.

When you first sign up for Copper CRM software, we ask for permissions that will eliminate manual data entry and allow you to work directly from your Gmail inbox. This integration also allows Copper to automatically pull email communications and meeting data from Google Calendar into your CRM records to keep your team constantly informed about interactions with prospects and customers. You can revoke this access at any time and we will never modify or delete your data without your express consent.


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