Build your own Apps with the latest Low-Code Development Tool from Google: App Maker!


Google announced on Wednesday the launch of App Maker, its newest entry in the low-code, drag-and-drop app building market. App Maker promises to make it easy for anybody to quickly develop basic apps that serve a very specific purpose inside an organization.

The new service features a cloud-based drag-and-drop development environment that lets you build the user interface and populate it with data from your G Suite applications, Google Maps, Contacts and Groups and virtually any service that offers an API. These applications then run on the same infrastructure on which Google’s own G Suite apps run, and IT admins can also manage them in exactly the same way as Gmail, Drive and other G Suite applications.


The typical use case for these kind of apps are time-tracking solutions, or tracking orders and inventory, leave requests — essentially any problem inside a company that can be easily digitized and solved by a very basic custom app.

The advantage here is that users won’t have to worry about any of the underlying infrastructure and that it allows them to develop apps that solve their needs without waiting ages for the developers to finish working on the needed Software/App. Developers though, can also dig deeper thanks to the built-in scripting editor.


App Maker is now available through Google’s Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business.

So in brief, G Suite’s App Maker allows you to:

  1. Go from idea to app, fast: App Maker makes it easy for IT or even citizen developers (including analysts and system administrators) to quickly iterate from a prototype all the way to deployed app. It offers a powerful cloud-based IDE that features built-in templates, a drag-and-drop UI, and point-and-click data modeling to accelerate your app development efforts. App Maker also embraces open, and popular standards like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Google’s material design visual framework, so developers can build apps quickly, in a development environment that leverages their existing skills and knowledge.
  2. Build integrated, tailor-made solutions for every need: App Maker lets you build a range of applications customized to meet the needs of your organization and connects to a wide range of data sources and APIs. This unique flexibility starts with built-in support for G Suite products as well as popular services such as Maps, Contacts, Groups and more. You can also leverage other Google Cloud services such as the Directory API and Prediction API, or third-party APIs, to create richer, more intelligent application experiences.
  3. Focus on delivery, not infrastructure: App Maker is built on the same secure and trusted infrastructure as G Suite apps like Gmail, Drive and Docs. Developers can safely deploy custom apps in the cloud without worrying about servers, capacity planning, infrastructure security and monitoring that would otherwise require internal support from IT.

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