5 Add-ins every Chrome browser should have

Browser extensions are similar to plug-ins, but instead they add new features to your browser or modify the functionality of your favorite sites. Google Chrome has a wide variety of add-ins that can improve your browsing experience both for business and pleasure. Here are five browser add-ins that every user should have:

Web of Trust (WOT)

Web of Trust is a free add-in that warns you about risky Web sites. Web safety is not just about viruses and malware. There are websites that try to scam visitors, deliver malware or send spam. WOT is a community based scanning service that has scanned millions of Web sites. The add-in gives you a rating for the websites you visit in terms of trusted sources, phishing listings, and other security threats. The add-in gives users a traffic light graphic to let them know when they are browsing into dangerous websites.


LastPass is an add-in that is completely free. It is an online password manager and Form Filler. This add-in makes your life easier as it can help you keep track the zillions of passwords for social networks and other Web sites. Most importantly it does so securely. This extension is also capable of importing saved passwords from all the major password manager apps available. The data is stored locally and securely as everything is encrypted. Also, as an added security feature for the first time, you are required to enter your passwords using an on-screen keyboard to avoid keyloggers.

Task Timer

An add-in that aims to increase your efficiency and productivity, Task Timer is a tool that helps you better manage your time and tasks. This tool allows to create a list of tasks and goals and to allocate time to them. There are several options for customization. You can add infinite tasks of various natures. You are provided with a number of options like desktop notifications, progress bards, charts, background timers, and task syncing.


Real-time Board is an added that can be used like your regular whiteboard. This whiteboard has been reinvented to give the best online experience. You are able to add images and all sorts of data from Google docs. You can also share your whiteboard with your team in order to discuss and develop your ideas.


Like power point or keynote Prezi is a presentation tool. However, this presentation tool has reinveted how presentation tools work. It is a zooming web-based presentation tool that thinks outside the box. Prezi is all about delivering information in better ways so that you can communicate your message in a more understandable way. Like all other presentation tools, you can add images, videos, and other presentation objects.

You can find all these add-ins and many more at the Google Chrome Web Store


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