Google Keep is now part of G Suite’s Core Services

Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. Launched on March 20, 2013, Google Keep is available as a mobile app for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems and as a web application.

Latest Update

As of today, Google Keep is a G Suite Core Service when used within a domain, and it has been added to existing G Suite agreements for most customers. In addition, Keep is now accessible in Google Docs, so employees can easily revisit and re-purpose their notes.

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Core Service

As any other Core Service, Keep now has the same technical support and level commitments. Domains using Keep will have the following advantages:

  • Keep will be added as a monitored service to the G Suite Status Dashboard.
  • Keep will be compliant with the terms, conditions, and service levels defined in the G Suite Technical Support Services Guidelines and the G Suite Service Level Agreement.
  • Keep content will be handled as specified in your G Suite agreement.

Admin Control

Admins now have better control over Keep usage in their company; they are able to turn it ON and OFF for their domains just like any other Core Service. If you currently have Google Drive enabled for your organization, your users have had access to Keep and will continue to have access to Keep following this launch.

If you would like to turn Keep access OFF, you can now do so from the Admin console (Apps > G Suite > Keep). However, If you do not have Drive enabled for your organization, your users have not had access to Keep. Should you choose to turn on Drive in the future, Keep will be turned ON for your organization if you’ve opted into automatically receiving new services in the Admin console and turned OFF for your organization if you’ve chosen to manually enable new services. You will be able enable or disable the application from the Admin console at any time.

After being turned ON, Keep will respect a subset of the sharing settings applied to Google Drive.

Where to access Keep from Docs

When opening a new Doc, this new popup will appear, allowing you to use the new Keep feature. After the popup disappearing, or if you choose “NO THANKS”, and wanted to use Keep later, simply select “Keep notepad” from the Tools menu to pull up a sidebar containing your notes from Keep (and the option to search them).

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One of the best features of Keep integrated in Docs, is that you can edit those notes, and drag and drop them to use them in your Document. Also, if you found something interesting in the Document you are reading, you can select the lines you are interested in, press right click, and choose “Save to Keep notepad”, and they will be added as a note in Keep. 

If you simply want to create a new note with brand-new content, you can start typing in the “Take a note…” box in the notepad. All notes you create while in a document will be added to a “related” section within the sidebar. When you then view those notes in Keep, they will include a link back to the document in which they were created.

To wrap it up:

Google always amazes us with their user friendly updates and releases, making the working environment a very easy and productive environment. Imagine how you will never run out of ideas, nor forget any idea thanks to the integration of Keep in Docs, and making it available for domain users to use. So always keep track of your notes, and use this new feature to save time at work, and always check the latest updates for a better working experience.

Stay tuned for more Google Tips & News!


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