The new Spill-Proof Acer Chromebook


Good news for clumsy people! Acer is releasing a new Chromebook designed for businessmen that face many accidents on their laptops during work.

As the name indicates, this laptop is designed for businesses adopting Google for work or work mostly on cloud.

The impressive part of this Acer Chromebook is that it is made of Aluminum, providing it with strength and durability since it is Crush-proof and even Spill-proof. How many times did it happen that someone accidentally spills his coffee on his laptop? How cool is it to keep working just after wiping the coffee off the keyboard without letting the coffee cause any hardware issues? Thanks to thee drain gutters on the keyboard, spilling fluids is no longer an issue.

One other important feature of the Acer Chromebook is its battery life. With 32GB of flash storage, a 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron processor, and 4GB of RAM, the Chromebook can stay on for theoretically 10 full hours, making it easier for businessmen to work freely on this machine without the need to plug the wire in.

Acer Chromebook has a 14” full HD resolution and a low reflection anti-glare screen that altogether make for great viewing and productivity. Also, it has a dual band MIMO technology (802.11ac technology), making wireless faster than ever. In addition to all that, Acer Chromebook has a built in webcam with HDR imaging (High Dynamic Range), making the Google Hangouts video conferencing experience very clear as if it was a live conference.

As a conclusion, Acer Chromebook is a small spill-proof  heavy duty machine that is worth having if most of the user’s work is on google and cloud.

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