Secure use of USB Flash Disks

Flash sticks are typically used to transport data physically with us from one location or workstation to another. The flash sticks may contain information that is sensitive be it business or personal information. Due to the importance of the data we may hold on those sticks it is important to be using them securely.

Some tips :
– Scan any usb stick before opening it on your PC.
– To do that: Go to My Computer.
– Right click on your Flash Disk Icon
– Select Scan for Viruses.
– Make sure you safely remove your USB stick when you are done using them, click on the USB icon in the taskbar and select Eject. This is to protect the data on your USB from being corrupted.

PS: If the data on your flash stick is sensitive make sure you encrypt it so that if it is lost or stolen the data cannot be accessed. Encryption can be done by software. You can download a program like TrueCrypt.


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