The End of G Suite Legacy Free Edition


The end of G Suite Legacy Free Edition

The end of G Suite Legacy Free Edition

G Suite Legacy Free Edition is a free version of Google Workspace launched in 2006. Back then, it was called Google Apps.

On December 12 2012, Google stopped offering this free edition for new commercial clients.

This January, Google announced the end of availability for this service.

Here is what will happen next for the organisations who are currently running G Suite Legacy Free Edition:

  • On May 1st: Clients will automatically transition to a Google Workspace Flexible Plan, the corresponding plan will be based on their current usage of the service;
  • At that time they will have 60 days to setup billing on their cloud console;
  • On July 1st the first bill will go through and if they haven’t setup billing, the account will be suspended.

Most of the questions have been answered in this article from Google, including the new options client have.

What are the options?

Affected clients have two months to prepare this transition. Luckily, Google just introduced a the new Google Workspace Essentials Starter Plan for those who want to preserve access to their tools and data, but the email service was removed from this plan.

Google Workspace Essentials Starter Plan

Newly released
Free until?
  • Google Workspace
  • G Mail

Google Workspace Business or Enterprise

Existing Plans
Paid Monthly
  • Google Workspace
  • G Mail

Take your data & Transition out of Google

Microsoft 365 or other
Paid Monthly
  • Productivity Tools
  • Email service
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