Can You Use Google Hangouts Without a Google Account?


Google announced today that its removing the requirement that guests have a Google account in order to join a Hangouts video call.

How can you use Google hangouts without a Google account?

The organizer can now send the Hangouts Link to guests who will be asked to enter their names and then request to join the Hangouts call.

google hangouts requesting to join the video call

The picture above shows the request window. One more thing, any attandee who belongs to the same domain of the organizer can allow the guest into the meeting by accepting his request as shown below:


So the options you have now for inviting guests are the following:

[accordion open=”1″]
[accordion-item title=”Allow internal users only”]

To allow only users from your organization to join a video call, add them to the Google Calendar meeting, but do not add any external users.

To add additional guests after the meeting starts, click Invite people and invite the internal user(s).

[accordion-item title=”Invite specific internal or external users”]

You can invite specific guests using Google Calendar, or add them after the meeting starts.

Users outside of your organization who are specifically invited using an email account:

  • If they are logged in, they must also join with the same email address used in the invitation.
  • If they join with a different account or do not have a Google account, external users can request to join the meeting. Their name and profile image will appear when they join the meeting.
  • For details, see how external guests sign in to Hangouts.

[accordion-item title=”Allow anyone to join using a link”]

You can also allow anyone to join using a URL link.  They can click the link or enter it in a browser, and will be prompted to enter their name when they click the link to request access. They do not need a Google account.

Note: Someone in your organization must allow or decline an uninvited external guest who tries to join a call with the meeting link.




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