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Google Apps Update: Gmail for Android & Google Sheets

by Elie Chahine • September 23, 2015

Block and Unsubscribe in Gmail Google announced some new features today that will be coming to Gmail’s Android App and Web. The main feature is the ability to Block email addresses and avoid receiving new emails from blocked senders. All blocked emails will be sent to Spam. Of course you can undo this option from […]

Starting Tomorrow, Google Chrome will kill off Flash-based ads forever!

by Elie Chahine • August 31, 2015

Starting September 1st, Chrome will kill all Flash-Ads by default. Google explained in a post on Google Plus that the decision to kill flash ads is to make Google Chrome even faster. Will Chrome block Flash videos also? These changes will affect only flash ads, flash videos will continue to work. With HTML 5 becoming increasingly […]