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Today you can’t live in the business world without spending some time online. Your online presence is secured by the passwords that secure your many accounts. The volume of the tragedy that can occur once any of your passwords is compromised needs no description. It is also a well established fact that you simply cannot have one password for everything. That is very bad from a security point of view. At the same time, it doesn’t make any practical sense to have to remember all your passwords.

Guess what? keeping all your passwords on a sheet of paper under your keyboard has become a classic vulnerability for today’s hackers. Therefore it is a very good idea to consider one of the many available password manager apps that simplify your life while giving you the benefit of added security.The following is a list of 3 multi platform password manager apps that can help you remember all your passwords.


RoboForm is an plugin that be can added to a multitude of browsers like Internet Explore, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It allows a free service for mobile users as well. What this application does is that it checks for already stored passwords it encrypts them  It also allows for automatic secure logins into various accounts. This application is also available for iOS and Android devices.


mSecure is also a multi platform password manager and creator available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. It uses a 256 bit encryption algorithm with allows for a secure encryption of your passwords.  This app also contains feature that exceed the services of traditional password managers like encryption and backup of SD card data.

SplashID Safe Password Manager

SplashID is one of the oldest available password manager apps. It provides all the features of a traditional password manager added to the fact that it can support almost any platform you can think of. This is great if you have multiple devices you wish to secure. It also supports features like securing your personal ID and credit card information.


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