5 Ways you can use Google Apps

Google has been  known to offer a wide variety of solutions that changes the way we go about using the internet. Google Apps have played a great role in this respect. Google Apps are known for being able to do a lot: e-mails, calendars, documents, cloud storage. However the fact remains that you many still not  fully grasp capabilities of Google Apps.

  1. Google Drive can replace your file server:  Using Google Drive you can replace a server or even a data center. The advantage is google drive is accessible from anywhere in the world it is collaboration oriented and most importantly requires zero maintenance.
  2. Create presentations using Google Slides:  You no longer have to worry about creating your slideshows on powerpoint of prezi. Google Slides offers an easy-to-use and feature-rich interface to collaborate on and deliver top-notch presentations. You can create and update your presentation or collaborate with a coworker from the comfort of your phone.
  3. Hangouts: Google Hangouts is an instant messaging and video conferencing tool provided by Google. You can use hangouts to collaborate and interact with people from both your phone and your PC. You can even conference call with up to 15 people.
  4. Security: Your accounts can be compromised if your passwords are compromised in any way. With google you can add another layer of security. When you have done that, to log in you will need your username, password, and a one time code that is sent to you by text,call, or through a mobile application.This is known as two factor authentication.
  5. Customise your Apps: You can make use of google apps to build your own custom apps that make use of google. You can build an application that makes use of google documents or spreadsheets for example.

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