Benefits of Password Complexity

We’re sorry, your password must contain an uppercase letter, a number, a metaphor, a graffiti, a hieroglyph and the blood of a witch.

Yes, but why?

Password-cracking software uses one of three approaches: intelligent guessing, dictionary attacks, and brute-force automated attacks that try every possible combination of characters. Given enough time, the automated method can crack any password. The goal of requiring your password to be complex is to make the process of cracking your password as hard as possible to crack.

Tips to keep your password strong

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  • Your password should be at least 7 characters long
  • It should not contain your account name or company name.
  • It should not contain a dictionary word.
  • It should not be relatable to you ( pet name, car model, phone number, name )
  • Is significantly different from previous passwords. Passwords that are similar (Password1, Password1*, Password2 …) are not strong.

An example of a strong password is Ilovemom = !L0V3M0m.


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