Google Forms: Exploring the new Layout and Features!

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Google Forms are so popular nowadays, whether you want to send an invitation, make a survey, or simply collect Data. With the new Features of Google Forms, its now easier to set up a new form and personalize it in a matter of seconds!

What’s New in Google Forms?

  1. Simplified design meant to be viewed and responded to on all device types
  2. Brand new colors and themes
  3. A quicker way to view the summary of responses
  4. Better mobile editing and viewing

If you want to create a form using the new Google Forms, opt in to the new version.

Screenshot 2015-10-16 at 11.28.45 AM

When editing a form created using the old Forms, you may also see a link at the top to try out the new version.

The following is a small video that shows up some of the new features:

Stay tuned for more Weekly Google Apps Tips Next Week!

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