Google will now recommend Music, TV And Movie Content in Mobile Search

Google Android Search

Google is rolling out a new update to mobile users and is putting a greater emphasis on music and media, including recommendations on songs, TV shows, movies, and more. Now, when searching for things like singers, actors, films and other related items, Google will return enhanced results that provide information like lyrics, covers, or song recommendations for music searches, as well as details on past and current TV episodes, information about  the cast, movie showtimes and other items.

To some extent, Google was already offering this information in Google Search previously. For example, it introduced song lyrics around a year ago, pointing web searchers to lyrics from Google Play that appeared as cards just above Google’s search results.

However, with the update, this information has more structure.


Here’s how: A simple search for a singer takes you to a new interface where you can navigate through tabs that offer you an overview of their work, songs, albums, and upcoming events. You can even listen to their music via YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, and iHeartRadio as shown in the GIF above.

A similar experience is available for actors, film and TV content. When introducing the update via its blog post, Google even suggests you could use this feature for the same reason that users would otherwise turn to a site like IMDb, saying: “maybe you’re watching a TV show and can’t remember where you’ve seen that actor before?”

The update is currently available only to mobile users on Android phones and tablets, but Google says it will arrive for iOS users in the near future.

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