Google Trends: Year in Search 2015

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Google Trends 2015: People typed countless things into the Google search box this year. The terror attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January and the city of Paris in November topped the list. Google introduced an entirely new way to determine and present that information.

The findings are the the result of  Google’s Year In Search, which is a kind of metadata journalism—Info about all the news that people cared about this year. Google’s been doing it for 15 years. And this year it created a remarkably comprehensive package, one that used trillions of queries as its data pool. The results are presented as raw search numbers, downloadable datasets, interactive elements, and embeddable components.

The Year In Search is heavy on visualization tools to help navigate 2015’s major events. Below you can find a briefing Video about it:

Google Trends Top Hit: Paris Attack

” On Friday, November 13, a theater, stadium, restaurant and cafe were attacked by terrorists, and the world desperately tried to find out if loved ones were safe and what had happened in the city of light. These coordinated attacks were the deadliest on French soil since World War II.”

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Go to to explore the rest of the 2015 Year in Search stories and top trending charts from around the world.

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