Hangouts on Air to be replaced with Youtube Live on September 12!


Hangouts on Air, the live-streaming app within Google’s social network Google Plus, will be discontinued. Google is pulling the feature from Google Plus and a new version will be redirected to YouTube Live. In mid-September, Hangouts on Air will no longer function on Google Plus.

The web giant said its Hangouts group video chat feature will be discontinued on September 12 in favor of its YouTube Live feature. Google said that video events scheduled to occur after that date should be moved to YouTube’s live-streaming feature.


Unveiled in 2011, the Hangouts On Air took the traditional Google+ hangout a step further. Instead of just holding a video chat with a small circle of people, you could broadcast to a much wider audience through the On Air version, making it an ideal forum for celebrities and organizations that wanted to promote themselves or reach out to fans and followers.

Google has posted step-by-step instructions on how to use Hangouts On Air on YouTube Live, as well as information on how to schedule a YouTube Live broadcast and who can see those broadcasts.

In other news, Google finally released its application: Duo, nearly three months after announcing it. The pitch for Duo at I/O (Input Output Conference) was that it makes video chat really quick and easy—it makes video chat simple, but what about audio calls?  That’s coming soon too.Duo-side-by-side

Audio-only calls in Duo could be handy in situations when you have limited bandwidth. It’ll be an option at some point in the not too distant in the future updates.

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