Things you didn’t know Gmail can do



1. Dot’s Don’t Mean Anything: 

If your e-mail is mr.exeo[at] you will an e-mail if it was addressed to mrexeo[at] or m.r.e.x.e.o[at] Actually the dot’s don’t change anything at all. Go ahead try it!  

2. It can give you Background Info on your contacts

Most e-mail service providers offer an address book. But with Gmail there is much more to it. Your contacts today have Facebook and LinkedIn, wouldn’t it make sense to centralize a contact’s online information right there next to email? A Google add-on named Rapportive does just that. It is an add on with social intelligence that is able to , once installed, to get you all sorts of background information about your contacts from their online footprints. It is also compatible with all major browsers.

3. You can hit the snooze button on an e-mail

Have you ever read and e-mail that requires a follow that you just can’t get to right now? Gmail can help you with that. You can simply snooze your e-mail so that you get it sent to you again at a time you will able to respond. Using the free Gmail app Boomerang, you can open an email and set it to return to your inbox in a set amount of time.  

4. Filter out and watch for subscriptions:

If you subscribe to a newsletter or any shopping website add a “+” sign and then any words into your Gmail address. It will still work normally.  If your e-mail is exeo[at], you could use the email address exeo+Shopping[at] to sign up. You’ll still get your emails you subscribed. This way it will be easier for you to create filter rules for this and you will also know if the website you signed up to is giving your contact information out to anyone else.


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