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Google Hangouts update bring better group chat controls!

by Elie Chahine • July 27, 2016

The majority of Google Apps for Work users use Google Hangouts for a lot of the inter-office or group projects communications. The newest update to the messaging app is bringing significant new features that you can use to make it easier for you and your group chat members to use. This includes short links to your chats, the […]

Google Hangouts updated with new features on iOS and Android

by Elie Chahine • July 13, 2016

Google Hangouts will soon be updated with the ability to send videos on Android devices after it enabled this feature for iOS earlier this year. If you still use the app, though, you’ll soon be able to send video messages to friends even if you’re using an Android device. Hangouts version 11 for Android comes with […]

Google Prompt: Two-Step Verification is now faster and easier!

by Elie Chahine • July 8, 2016

Google is attempting to make the process of 2-step verification much faster, using a push notification which users can simply accept to login. Using two-step authentication, normally a code from an app or texted to you, is a crucial, but highly irritating, part of logging into all manner of things. Available soon for both Android and […]

Google Springboard: The SharePoint Alternative?

by Elie Chahine • June 20, 2016

Google announced two new services that are aimed squarely at helping businesses access information and share it internally, similar to what Microsoft’s SharePoint product offers. With its new Springboard application, it gives employees at companies subscribed to Google Apps for Work a unified search box for finding just about anything, including files in Google Drive, emails in Gmail […]

Google Contacts Update Now Shows Verified Information From Google Maps

by Elie Chahine • June 9, 2016

Google Contacts is one of the best apps to use when storing personal and business phone numbers to keep in touch with companies, coworkers and friends. Google Contacts is available on the Web, and across devices and accessible on any device anytime, anywhere. With the latest update to Contacts, Google launched a new Interface which […]

Google Translate now works within any app on Android

by Elie Chahine • May 13, 2016

Google Translate just got way more useful on Android. A New ‘Tap to Translate’ feature lets you use translate text from any app. It works by translating whatever is in your clipboard. For instance, when you copy text from a WhatsApp message, a little Translate bubble will pop up – click on this and you’ll see the […]

Google Slides: New Audience Q&A and Laser Pointer Features!

by Elie Chahine • May 5, 2016

There’s no doubt that a tool like Google Slides is important to a large number of professional and educational users. Today, Google is adding a pretty unique and clever feature to Slides to encourage more audience participation. It’s simply called Q&A, and it lets audience members submit questions to a speaker throughout a presentation; you can […]

The new Spill-Proof Acer Chromebook

by Elie Chahine • April 27, 2016

Good news for clumsy people! Acer is releasing a new Chromebook designed for businessmen that face many accidents on their laptops during work. As the name indicates, this laptop is designed for businesses adopting Google for work or work mostly on cloud. The impressive part of this Acer Chromebook is that it is made of […]

Android apps coming soon to Chrome OS?

by Elie Chahine • April 25, 2016

Google’s Chrome OS might soon get a serious update that will make it a lot more enticing. Users on Reddit recently noticed that the developer version of the platform recently revealed an option to run Android apps on it. They found out that when the settings loaded on their Chromebook, an option to “Enable Android apps to […]

Google Calendar gets an update for Goals that automatically fit your schedule

by Elie Chahine • April 14, 2016

Google has updated Calendar for Android and iOS to support goals. Tapping the plus icon in the right hand corner now allows you to add various goals to your daily schedules and best of all – Google automatically finds the best time for them. Calendar is smart enough to automatically reschedule if another event pops […]