You can now send Videos using Google Hangouts!


Today, Google added the ability to send Videos of up to 1 minute duration using Hangouts, Google’s IM app. The update has been pushed to iOS devices with many improvements:

Hangouts Video

The update (Version 8.0.0) include:

  • Send video attachments up to 1 minute long
  • fix for unread conversation when you’ve been in a call
  • Support for Google for Work – Mobile Management

In order to send videos you have to go to the Camera tab inside Hangouts and choose Video. The update must be soon released for Android Devices.

Find below the different ways of starting a Hangouts video call:

How to Start a Google Hangouts Video Call from Gmail

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How to join a Call from different locations

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How to Work best with Video Calls

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Alternative Ways to access Hangouts

1- Go to


2. Download Hangouts on your PC: Click Here

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