Google Hangouts update bring better group chat controls!


The majority of Google Apps for Work users use Google Hangouts for a lot of the inter-office or group projects communications. The newest update to the messaging app is bringing significant new features that you can use to make it easier for you and your group chat members to use. This includes short links to your chats, the ability to search for groups within your contacts, and more controls to manage the members within the group.

New Way to add people to a Hangouts Group!

If you need to add more people to your group chat, you ususally used to go and add them individually one by one. With this update, you can now just send an email with a link to the chat and when they click it, they’re already added to the conversation.

When the time comes and that person needs to leave the chat, any member of the group can remove said person’s access. They can only rejoin the conversation when someone already in the group invites them back.


You are now able to search for your group chats from within your contacts list. Just type the group name in the search bar, or if you’ve forgotten the group name, type any of the participant’s names and all your group chats with them will come out.

You can update your Google Hangouts Android app from its Google Play page. It will be a gradual rollout though so if you don’t have it yet, just wait a few more days.


Related news: In this latest update, Android users can now benefit from the ability to send videos on Google Hangouts. This update was previously available for iOS users, and the Hangouts app for iOS has been also updated to support the link sharing option of the hangouts Group.

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