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Set expiration dates for access to your Google Drive Data!

by Elie Chahine • March 16, 2016

Google is introducing the ability to set an “expiry date” for specific user access to files in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, to keep their organization’s information safe in situations where third-party vendors have access to your organization’s data. Businesses today don’t operate in isolation; employees work with other businesses as well and often on a […]

You can now send Videos using Google Hangouts!

by Elie Chahine • March 15, 2016

Today, Google added the ability to send Videos of up to 1 minute duration using Hangouts, Google’s IM app. The update has been pushed to iOS devices with many improvements: The update (Version 8.0.0) include: Send video attachments up to 1 minute long fix for unread conversation when you’ve been in a call Support for Google […]

Google Docs adds new option to export text files as ePub

by Elie Chahine • March 9, 2016

Google added functionality to Google Docs to export long text documents as ePub files, largely compatible with almost every electronic reader and book reading app (except on Amazon Kindles as they have their own book format .mobi). Reading long PDFs or word files on tablets or smartphones is the most annoying thing to do on a […]

You can now Issue commands when voice typing in Google Docs

by Elie Chahine • February 27, 2016

Google has introduced the Voice typing feature in Google Docs a while ago where it launched the ability to talk to your device and type your document. Now with Google’s latest update, you can use this voice typing feature to issue commands in Google Docs. Because you know that crafting an effective document takes a whole lot more […]

Gmail Becomes Safer, Will Now Warn You About Unsecured Emails

by Elie Chahine • February 10, 2016

Starting today, any messages that Gmail users send or receive from email providers that don’t support TLS encryption will be flagged with a tiny unlocked padlock icon. Clicking the padlock brings up a dialog box warning the user that if their message contains “confidential information” they may want to advise their contact to use a different […]

Find out which are your biggest files in Google Drive!

by Elie Chahine • February 8, 2016

Is your Google Drive quota full? You desperately need to delete big files? Here’s a quick tip! With this simple tip you can see the size of the files in your Google Drive, allowing you to identify which files are taking up the most amount of space. To bring up your list of files in […]

Google Chrome New Material Design Update

by Elie Chahine • February 2, 2016

After applying the material design to its mobile operating system, Google is now bringing a new material design to Chrome. On Friday, The Next Web discovered a Google Code discussion which appears to suggest that the first Material Design alterations to Chrome will begin appearing in Chrome OS with the launch of version 50. By […]

Monitoring your Gmail Activity

by Elie Chahine • January 29, 2016

Monitoring your email  As an added security measure, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the activity of your Gmail account. To do this, open your Gmail account, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Details link in the bottom right of your screen, below last account activity. This will […]

Google Drive new “Access Checker” features for Google Apps users

by Elie Chahine • January 26, 2016

Google announced today some improvements it’s making for Google Apps users when it comes to file sharing with Google Drive and managing permissions for various users. The new functionality comes in the form of new “Access Checker” features within the Apps Admin console that will allow admins to select one of three options for file sharing with […]

Google Chrome will soon run much faster thanks to Brotli!

by Elie Chahine • January 21, 2016

Google Chrome is about to load web pages a lot faster than you’ve experienced up until now. A new compression algorithm called Brotli will help making this possible. Google introduced Brotli last September, with it Chrome will be able to compress data up to 26% more than its existing compression engine, Zopfli, which is an impressive jump. According […]